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Ten C clothing

Do you want to buy Ten C clothing from an online shop? You are more than welcome at White. We specialise in high quality clothing, which we sell in our store in the heart of The Hague and in our online shop. Take a look at our collection.

Ten C clothing from an online shop

Ten C is rather new clothing brand that wants more focus on the quality of their clothing, rather than brand itself, which is why you will not find any text or logos on their items. You can buy all kinds of Ten C clothing in our online shop. Are you looking for a Ten C coat? We have raincoats, parkas, anorak and so much more! Are you looking for a sweater? We have sweaters from Ten C, but be sure to check out our other brands such as Blue de Gênes!

Enjoy free shipping

If you want to buy Ten C clothing, you can choose to order from our online shop or visit our store in The Hague. If you order online your order will be shipped you completely free of charge. by sending an e-mail to info@whitedenneweg.nl in case of questions.