Experimentation, craftsmanship and fusion are the distinctive features of the Dondup collections. The fashion house interprets contemporary style with a clear vision, bringing the typical haute couture attention to detail and careful structuring into the RTW dimension. It’s a revolutionary approach which allows the originality of this brand to emerge, a brand which has made effortless elegance its distinguishing feature. The Dondup total look for both Men and Women is created by following a precise paradigm, with a wardrobe made up of iconic and timeless pieces: the tuxedo, the parka, the bomber, knitwear, denim and the blazer. The creative elements continually blend together and cross-fertilise each other with new inspirations. It’s the ideal territory for the development of new aesthetic visions. The denim represents far more than simply the cloth itself: it is a genuine passion made up of attention to detail and a passion for style.


The aesthetic and philosophical heritage of the Denim Culture is the pillar on which the brand awareness has been constructed, which is now influencing all the creative aspects, adding an innovative touch to even the most classic items in the wardrobe.


Dondup was set up in 2000 on the initiative of its founders Massimo Berloni and Manuela Mariotti, who still retain a minority share in the company today. It is named after an ancient Tibetan lama, Mingyar Dondup, whose beliefs can be summed up in these words: “All men are equal. Race, colour and creed do not mean anything. What is of value are the intentions and actions of each person.” Dondup’s philosophy is ecumenical, in the original Greek sense of the word οἰκουμενικός, or “universal”, that which finds favour within a broad range of people.

It’s an urban tribe that has made the values of the denim culture its own: values such as authenticity, a constantly innovative and at times rebellious spirit, and the ability to interpret contemporary life in a very clear way. Dondup is the most interesting interpreter of contemporary fashion.