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Canada Goose coat

Are you looking to buy a Canada Goose coat? White can sort you out! We specialise in high quality clothing and sell various coats from Canada Goose and other renowned brands. You can visit our store in The Hague or shop online.

Why should you buy a Canada Goose Coat?

The coats from Canada Goose are made in Canada, a country known for its cold and harsh winters. With their coats you are able to withstand the coldest temperatures, while also looking classy. Do you prefer the Chateau Parka or does the Langford Parka suit you better? The choice is yours! We also have parka’s from Veilance and jackets from Belstaff, like a Belstaff racer, and other brands available. As a men’s clothing store coats aren’t the only items we sell. Combine your Canada Goose coat with a pair of pants from Blue de Gênes, for example.

Come try in-store or buy online

Are you not sure which jacket you prefer or which one would fit better? Come to our clothing store and try them both! Do you know which Canada Goose coat you want to buy? Order online! For questions call us on 0707560493 or send an e-mail to