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Belstaff jacket

Are you fond of the English brand Belstaff and are you in need of a new jacket? Then White is your clothing store. As an exclusive clothing store for men we only sell clothing from high quality brands, such as Belstaff. Find out more about our collection.

A Belstaff jacket equals confidence

Are you interested in buying a Belstaff jacket? It’s the perfect jacket for confident and adventurous men. We have various jackets from Belstaff in our collection which can be combined with many of our other clothes or accessories. We have Blue de Gênes pants, for example, that go perfectly with a jacket from this English brand. The simplicity and class of R.M. Williams boots makes them the perfect match for a Belstaff jacket or a Veilance jacket.

Buy online or visit our store

If you want to buy a Belstaff jacket, you can choose to visit our store in The Hague, where you will be met with experienced people who will help you out. You can also order your clothing online and have it delivered to you free of charge. Do you have some questions? Call us on 070 75 60 493 or send an e-mail to